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Time and Time Again and Other Science Fiction by H. Beam Piper, Adventure

Time and Time Again and Other Science Fiction by H. Beam Piper, Adventure

John W. Campbell was a man who really knew what makes SF the appealing thing it is; it's no wonder that he published the story. Also included in this volume are "The Mercenaries" (Astounding Science Fiction, March, 1950), "He Walked Around the Horses" (Astounding Science Fiction, April 1948), "The Return" (Astounding Science Fiction, January, 1954 -- a collaboration with John J. McGuire), and "Temple Trouble" (Astounding Science Fiction, April, 1951).

Автор: ", Язык: Английский, Издание: , 2007г., ISBN: 9781603121354 152x220 ( стр.)
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