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Following his stunning photo-safari in Africa and an unprecedented helicopter voyage from Europe to Africa in Eyes over Africa, the award-winning photographer has ventured to the polar regions. With his inimitable blend of intimate close-ups and cinematic landscapes, Poliza leads us through the magical worlds of these frozen paradises most threatened by global warming. Poliza shows polar bears as they frolicked among purple fireweed against the majestic Arctic backdrop, varied and multicolored icebergs, as well as a number of rare and endangered species. Poliza once again captures the most vulnerable treasures-still ensconced in our planet's few pristine landscapes. Text in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Автор: Poliza Michael, Gruenberger Uta, Издание: te Neues, 2009г., ISBN: 3-8327-9317-3
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A visually captivating, novelistic travelogue that chronicles the first civilian environmental cleanup expedition in Antarctica-an engaging true story told through anecdotes, journal entries, vignettes, recipes, and archival and contemporary photography. "The first thing that comes to mind about Antarctica is not likely the food. But if you are going there, it is the second". Wendy Trusler and Carol Devine "The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning" is a unique journey through an austral summer

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The work presented here evaluated chlorine activation via sulfate aerosol (SA) in the Southern Hemisphere 2006 stratosphere, based on satellite measurements of water vapor (H2O) and constant values of SA, by implementing the TACL formula of [1] in contrast to the TNAT formula of [2]. The results indicated that the former formula was not completely sufficient for accurately modeling areas of depleted HCl and chlorine deactivation for all pressure surfaces in the Antarctic stratosphere. Based on t

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Academic Vocabulary in Use Second Edition is the perfect study aid for anyone using English for their academic work. Ideal for students of any discipline, this second edition has been updated to reflect changes in education, technology and communications, includes a selection of new reading passages, and is now in full colour. 50 easy-to-use, two-page units give clear explanations of new vocabulary, along with a variety of practice exercises. A comprehensive answer key, and phonemic transcriptio

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The perfect study aid for anyone using English for their academic work. Academic Vocabulary in Use is the perfect study aid for anyone using English for their academic work. Ideal for students of any discipline, from engineers or social scientists to business students or lawyers, it covers all the key vocabulary they will come across in academic textbooks, articles, lectures and seminars, allowing them to function confidently in an English-speaking academic environment. The book is designed for

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This thriller with a scientific background comes from the author of "Jurassic Park" and "Disclosure". Издание полностью на английском языке.

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