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Hasselblad Masters

Hasselblad Masters

This commemorative book features intriguing images from ten master photographers from around the world ( Benjamin Antony Monn, Germany, Louie Palu, USA, Andrej Kopac, Canada, Julia Fullerton-Batten, UK, Bronek Kozka, Australia, Hans Strand, Sweden, August Bradley, USA, Morfi Jimenez Mercado, Peru, Gregor Halenda, USA, Kevin Then, Malaysia) and is the result of a rigorous and challenging judging process. Hasselblad-known for manufacturing the finest photographic equipment for over 50 years-sponsors the exclusive Masters contest each year, celebrating the best in both established and rising photographic talent. Starting with 1,700 worthy contestants who submitted ten photographs each, the team at Hasselblad painstakingly whittled down the pool of entrants to 100 finalists. Five editors of respected international photo magazines then selected the ten winners. These ten Hasselblad masters, representing the creme de la creme of world photography, were given use of the best cameras in the world and asked to interpret the theme "passion" in their own inimitable styles. This book contains these creative pictorials from each of the winning photographers. A comprehensive overview of the best in contemporary photography An ideal gift for aficionados of fine art photography Text in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Издание: te Neues, 2008г., ISBN: 3-8327-9262-6
- 602600 руб.

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