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Terrace Designe

Terrace Designe

Whether one lives in a house in the country or an apartment in town, terraces are a treasured amenity, extending living spaces to the outdoors while allowing nature inside. This lavishly illustrated fantasy book highlights twenty spectacular terraces of every variety? roof top terraces, garden terraces, solariums and provides tips on how to renovate, decorate and make maximum use of the space allotted to each. Located around the world, many have been designed by the world's leading architects and will provide wonderful inspiration for anyone seeking to improve an existing terrace or add a new one. Text in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Автор: Bahamon Alejandro, Издание: te Neues, 2005г., ISBN: 3-8327-9041-1
- 140000 руб.

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150 BEST TERRACE AND BALCONY IDEAS is the ultimate resource for innovative terrace, roof garden, patio, and balcony design ideas for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Featured inside this lavish guidebook are 150 never-before-shared tips and techniques provided by internationally renowned architects and designers, along with full-color photographs and diagrams of sixty-five uniquely beautiful projects from around the world. The design ideas reveal how to create exterior spaces that are cle

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Ethiopia has been facing soil erosion problems. To tackle this problem, the Government of Ethiopia and its foreign partners begun to emphasize on SWC measures.These measures were mainly physical SWC ones including terraces. This book, therefore, tries to identify the difference between physical and chemical properties of terraced and non-terraced farm plots, and to explore the opinions of farmers on construction, maintenance, problems and benefits of terraces in Anjeni area, North West Ethiopi

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This monograph explains the survival strategies of mountain farmers. Rapid growth of farm based population at the prevailing low level of technological development and resource utilization system has raised the problem of population pressure on scarce land resource in the hills and mountains. It attempts to analyze the functional linkage between man and environment, and establish the relationship between geo-socio-economic conditions and constraints of physical elements for the development and

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