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Подробные, с хорошим масштабированием карты на оригинальных языках стран, на территории которых находятся те или иные города. Масштаб: 1 см : 105 м.

Издание: Michelin, 2010г., ISBN: 978-2-06-711710-5
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Private investigator Lucio Silvi has too many problems: only a handful of clients, hardly any money and loads of debts. Moreover he now has to deal with the murder of one of his friends, apparently linked to a number of thefts of statues and ancient artefacts which has been shocking Rome and the art world. A gripping investigation, full of emotional twists and turns, takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the most beautiful parts of the capital.

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Roma e la "citta eterna", ricchissima di monumenti e bellezze artistiche, il cuore della civilta italiana. In questo volume si viaggia attraverso la citta antica, poi rinascimentale, poi barocca, da uno splendore all`altro. Il viaggio mostra tradizioni, curiosita cultural! e storiche e naturalmente il gusto della buona cucina... in una parola lo spirito della Bella Italia. Nel libra troverete: esercizi di comprensione, lessico e grammatical. dossier su Giulio Cesare, I`opera di Sandra Bottic

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Rome: one of the world`s most beautiful cities! Do you want to learn more about it? Then come on this A to Z trip of the "Eternal City" taking in the thousands of interesting facts, traditions, recipes, places, mysteries and more. Go for a bicycle ride along the River Tiber, or take part in an important event like the Cinema Festival, enjoy the delicious local cuisine or go shopping in the cities variety of markets. Happy reading and ... Buon viaggio!

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