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Stage design

Stage design

Nowadays stage designs reach proportions that by far exceed the classical definition of a stage as we know it from theater. Modern stage environments require increasingly more effort in terms of architecture and technology. For example LED screens of all shapes and sizes are becoming more important than ever, especially in the field of concert or television productions. Those two fields as well as musical, concert, opera and theater productions are documented in this volume photographed by Ralph Larmann. Among the 30 top productions are Disney's Lion King Tosca in the Snow Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium Robbie Williams - Close Encounters Echo 2007 Pop Idol 2006 - Finals SkyArena Frankfurt. All the projects provide a look behind the scenes and a detailed insight into the complex stage constructions. Beside this, a short text gives some backround information about the place and time of the production, the making of and the responsible creatives as well as involved enterprises and institutions. Text in english, german, spanish, french, italian.

Автор: Larmann Ralph, Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 978-3-86654-032-3
- 463800 руб.

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