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Modern baroque interiors

Modern baroque interiors

Modern Baroque Interiors deals with an extraordinary design trend: Old buildings are restored to regain their charming essence. Baroque furniture, heavy curtains, chandeliers and winged chairs are set in high-tech surroundings. Gold, silver, burgundy and black emphasize the sophisticated and luxurious nature of the baroque essence. Ornaments and glitter dominate modern interiors. Purity and simplicity are combined with complexity and voluptuousness to create an astounding contrast. The come-back of the baroque style is triumphant. This book illustrates projects with outstanding baroque interiors from the past two years. An index with contact information on the designers and architects is enclosed. available

Автор: Lleonart Aitana, Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 978-3-86654-017-0
- 367500 руб.

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