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Contemporary Corporate Architecture

Contemporary Corporate Architecture

Throughout history, institutions and governments have always constructed large and ostentatious buildings as a way of demonstrating their power. By means of this aspect of design, many fast-growing, predominantly young but established companies have publicized their growth and shored up their identity at the same time. Contemporary Corporate Architecture has become a further element of a company's identity, achieved through the cooperation of several disciplines such as visual communications, marketing and graphic design, among many others. Sustainability is an aspect increasingly present in this type of architecture, which incorporates different elements to reduce environmental impacts, particularly in relation to the type of materials used in construction.

Автор: Layout Maria, Lleonart Aitana, Castell Carballo Eugenia, Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 978-3-86654-018-7
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Здесь другие издания автора: Layout Maria, Lleonart Aitana, Castell Carballo Eugenia

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This album is the first compilation of works from over 129 Moscow artists, which created illustrated publications for preschoolers and elementary school students. Inside, you can see the works of V.Alfeevsky, V.Vatagin, L.Vladimirsky, A.Deyneka, A.Kanevsky, F.Lemkul, T.Mavrina, M.Miturich Y.Pimenov, I.Semenov, V.Suteev, L.Tokmakov, V.Chizhikov and many other well-known authors, who contributed to the establishment and development of Russian children`s books in the XX century. They first demonstr

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