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Contemporary Landscape Architecture

Contemporary Landscape Architecture

The landscape architect shapes the terrain and the space around a pre-existing construction or a developing urban or regional project. His aim is to offer the most poetic transcription of the language associated with a given architectural calculation. These professionals work with animated and inanimate physical structures which spring from geographical and social contexts, as well as from technical and economical conditions. Their imagination is the motor behind the creative, competent and playful solutions. The fifty projects presented in this book primarily show the designs of new spaces and successful restoration of others, which had previously had completely different uses, like a quarry or an industrial center. An index with contact information on the respective architects and designers is enclosed.

Автор: Costa Duran Sergi, Conxi Papio Layout, Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 978-3-86654-021-7
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"Presents work from throughout the region, whether a lushly layered property in the Tuscan countryside or a Zen-inspired plot on the French island of Corsica." - Architectural Digest Human beings have been transforming Mediterranean landscapes into art for at least 30,000 years. Today, artists, sculptors, designers, architects, and gardeners explore age-old materials, skills, and sites to produce extraordinary landscape art that celebrates life in this multifaceted region. Each work here, whethe

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