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Exhibition Design

Exhibition Design

There has barely been an important architect in the world for the past century that has not taken advantage of the possibilities of the tentative play and experimentation provided by the design of exhibition sites for trade fairs and world expos. This publication aims at providing a combination of very recent examples from trade fairs and cultural spaces. The spectacular selection of projects ranges from a small stand designed to capture the visitor's attention at a large trade fair, such as the Sci Fi project, to large exhibition sites of museum-like proportion such as the BMW Center, as well as temporary exhibition spaces in cultural centers and permanent showrooms. There are also various interesting examples of innovations in the design of exhibition spaces whose goal is simply to promote with no link to a specific commercial or cultural product. Text in english, german, spanish, french, italian.

Автор: Fajardo Julio, Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 978-3-86654-062-0
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At trade fairs, companies use their stands to compete for attention of the visitors - their aim is to present a perfect combination of corporate identity and corporate design. Architects of this temporary type of architecture face the challenge of creating a miniature version of the company under very special conditions: limited space and very often limited resources. The employed means today go further than architectural eye catcher, but also include elements that appeal to all senses, such as

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This very electric selection of exhibition spaces brings together many types of projects and design solutions, including showrooms, fair stands, and art exhibitions. The BMW showroom in Berlin, the Shangri-La Lifestyle Museum, and a wholesale store in Shanghai all have a place within these pages. The first part of the book includes examples of how space is employed for display purposes, in order to sell a product, while the second part of the book is dedicated to exhibition halls, pavilions, sta

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From Francesc Zamora Mola, one of the international design world`s most skilled and perceptive interior designers, Affordable Exhibition Design is a one-of-a-kind guide to imaginative, practical, and crucially budget-friendly exhibition design from around the world. A design editor at LYMNE and the creative force behind acclaimed titles like New Small Spaces and The Art of Landscape Architecture, Zola now provides an invaluable reference book for effective and cost-friendly solutions in display

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