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Asian countries have opened up during the last few decades and have kick-started a rapid development of the design sector. Thanks to globalization and the new media, the different cultures in Asia can inspire each other mutually. Also influence from Western commerce and contemporary pop-culture is substantial. Yet, Asian graphic design does not merely reproduce imported styles, but incorporate and mix them with styles of the visually-rich Asian heritage. This blend of the traditional and contemporary elements creates a colorful organic design in contrast to the increasingly technologized world of the West. From Jakarta over New Delhi to Tokyo, we can find young graphic designers shifting and breaking the moulds of design and creative expression. Asian graphic design will be an ever-increasing focus of interest in the decades to come. In this book about 50 young Asian Graphic Designers are introduced in alphabetical order with images of some of their best designs and a short characteristic. An index with contact information of the Designers is enclosed.

Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 978-3-86654-012-5
- 227500 руб.

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