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Glass design

Glass design

Glass protects from sunshine, warmth, noise and radiation. It can be self-cleaning, energy storing, regulating and supporting. Glass can do more than encase and illuminate, it can expressively put on display and so accompanies light on its way in both directions. It is provided every time again, what phenomenal qualitites glass contributes as an architectural building block. Glass primarily offers design options by the various styles of treating its surface. Layering, printing, colouring, marking and etching create in isolation or in combination a wide range of the most diverse appearances, which allow the designer a free hand in the process of applying his ideas. This book introduces notable objects from the areas of private living, public and sacred buildings. With numerous illustrations, portraits are presented of hotels, restaurants and bars, togehter with concincingly designed projects of renowned architects.

Издание: DAAB, 2010г., ISBN: 3-937718-35-4
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The son of a Corning Glass Works scientist, Harvey Littleton (born 1922) first studied physics and industrial design, before becoming a teaching ceramicist. In the late 1950s, he turned to glassblowing, which was then restricted to the factory floor: devising a small furnace, he introduced hot glass into the artist’s studio. In 2012, exhibitions at the Corning Museum of Glass, the Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, and elsewhere will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the two historic Toledo Museum gl

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A glass-ceramic from the MgO-B2O3-SiO2 system, which is a possible candidate for applications in LTCC technology, is presented and described in this monograph. In the introductory part of the book there is a brief description of the basic chemistry and the structure of glasses and the thermodynamics of the crystallization processes of glasses. LTCC technology, the material requirements for substrate applications and the three significant parameters that are used to characterize the microwave die

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This book provides a frame how mechanical properties are different in the Glass and Glass-ceramics. Different approach for the production of glass and glass-ceramics. A detailed study on fracture mechanics on Glass discussed in detail in this book. This book also help in understanding of nano-indentation approach for mechanical characterization in the field of glass and glass-ceramics. A case study has been discussed to understand the phenomena of mechanical strength in glass-ceramics

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