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Anna Karenine

Anna Karenine

"Chaque fois que Vronski lui adressait la parole, un eclair passait dans les yeux d'Anna, un sourire entrouvrait ses levres ; et, si desireuse qu'elle parut de la refouler, son allegresse eclatait en signes manifestes. "Et lui ?" pensa Kitty. Elle le regarda et fut epouvantee, car le visage de Vronski refletait comme un miroir l'exaltation qu'elle venait de lire sur celui d'Anna."

Автор: Tolstoi Leon, Издание: Gallimard, 2017г., ISBN: 978-2-07-039252-0
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Полный, неадаптированный текст произведения.

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Anna opened the carriage and stepped down onto the platform. The wind and snow swirled around her and she took a deep breath of the freezing air. The storm was very powerful now. She took another deep breath and turned to go back into the train. As she turned, she saw Vronsky standing on the platform before her. He bowed to her and said a few words which she could not hear. All the time, he looked at her with the same expression - one of complete love. She was overcome by a feeling of great joy.

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Anna Karenina is one of the most loved and memorable heroines of literature. Her overwhelming charm dominates a novel of unparalleled richness and density. Tolstoy considered this book to be his first real attempt at a novel form, and it addresses the very nature of society at all levels,- of destiny, death, human relationships and the irreconcilable contradictions of existence. It ends tragically, and there is much that evokes despair, yet set beside this is an abounding joy in life's many

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