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The bird`s milk. A humorous story with a light touch of satire

The bird`s milk. A humorous story with a light touch of satire

The works of the laureate of international literary prizes, the cavalier of the Order of Friendship Marcel Salimov are well-known not only in Russia but also abroad. He is the author of about forty books, translated into many languages. As the classic of Russian literature Sergey Mikhalkov has correctly pointed out, the laughter of the prominent Bashkir writer, the bright satirist is always social as his characters are taken from the people's lives. And so are the heroes of the story «The Bird's Milk», with whom the reader will be able to make an interesting journey through the Russian province and even on the Moon.

Автор: Salimov Marsel Shainurovich, Издание: Продюсерский центр Александра Гриценко, 2016г., ISBN: 978-5-906857-84-2
- 22300 руб.

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