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Think Like a Trillionaire

Think Like a Trillionaire

Do you imagine your future when falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning? What is it like? Is it overcast, hopeless and sad or is it sunny, joyful and full of clear expectations, plans and opportunities? Is the vision of your future clear enough to start to work towards it each and every swiftly passing day, using the unlimited Divine Gifts granted to us? Everything begins with how we think, the content of our internal dialogue and what we say about ourselves, both to other people and to God. This book is intended for those who want to learn to think correctly and consistently, to keep a healthy internal dialogue, to plan, and to write a masterpiece-script for their lives and not be lazy in its implementation.

Автор: Аляутдинов Шамиль Рифатович, Издание: Диля, 2014г., ISBN: 978-5-4236-0213-0
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The #1 New York Times smash bestseller Revised and expanded with new material.With over two million copies sold, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has become a bestseller around the world. In conjunction with its second movie sequel to be released this summer, Steve Harvey has updated his classic with new advice and insights.Whether it’s why women should enforce a "90-Day Probation Period" before they give their men sexual "benefits" - the way Ford motor company withholds medical and dental bene

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Read this book and gain twenty years experience in how to think like a creative, act like a businessman, and design like a god. This book is practical and immediate, without being condescending or overly technical. Know Your Onions gives away the secrets of graphic design.

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In his phenomenal #1 New York Times bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey told women what it takes to succeed in love. Now, he tells everyone how to succeed in life, giving you the keys to fulfill your purpose. Countless books on success tell you what you need to get that you don`t already possess. In ACT LIKE A SUCCESS, THINK LIKE A SUCCESS, Steve Harvey tells you how to achieve your dreams using the gift you already have. Every one of us was born with a gift endowed by ou

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Книга шамила Аляутдинова "Женщины и Ислам" на таджикоском языке.

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"Дети и Ислам" - книга о духовном, интеллектуальном и физическом становлении человека как личности в соответствии с мусульманской традицией, начиная с первых дней жизни. Автор - Шамиль Аляутдинов, с 1991 года официально работает в Духовном управлении мусульман Европейской части России. С 1997 года по настоящее время является проповедником (имам-хатыбом) Московской Мемориальной мечети на Поклонной горе, в 2002 году назначен заместителем муфтия ДУМЕР по религиозным вопросам, в 2005 году

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