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Dublin: Pocket Map and Guide

Dublin: Pocket Map and Guide

"DK Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide Dublin" will lead you straight to the best of Dublin. It`s packed with beautiful illustrations and coverage of all the major areas and sights from museums to parks and markets. There`s comprehensive area-by-area information and referencing, plus recommendations for the best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, galleries and other cultural attractions. You won`t miss a thing on your trip as this handy travel guide includes an ingenious and easy-to-use fold-out map, ensuring you`ll never get lost when exploring the sights. "The DK Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide Dublin" is your essential guide and serves as a perfect companion to the Eyewitness travel guide. Plan your perfect day out in Dublin with the "DK Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide".

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