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Школа Идеального Тела #SEKTA - это не просто уникальная методика по изменению пищевых привычек и программа тренировок, по которым ежедневно занимаются более 200 000 человек. Это растущее сообщество, подкованное научной практикой, превратившееся из блога в Живом Журнале в открытое всемирное сообществ

Автор: Ольга Маркес,

Каждый хочет быть в хорошей форме, но немногие имеют время на долгие тренировки в зале. Есть выход короткие интервальные тренировки: быстрые, эффективные и очень результативные. В своей книге опытный тренер Бретт Клика объясняет основы 7-минутных интервальных тренировок и предлагает читателям 50 гот

Автор: Бретт Клика,

In India Soccer is Known as Football and it means, Football and Soccer are one and same. The soccer is one of the most popular international sports today and being played by more than 120 nations. After world war –II, Sports and games were taken- up seriously by many nations and wining an Internatio

The supplementation of GAKIC prior to intense anaerobic exercise has been proven successful in experiments conducted by Stevens et al. (2000) and Buford and Koch (2004) to improve peak power as well as Fatigue Resistance Index (Kaminski et al. 2000) in the study by Stevens et al. (2000). The Fatigue

This book have contributions in addressing the effects of khat, vitamin B complex and different intensities on physical fitness components of sports men for coaches, athletes and managers to understand formulate and implement more effective strategies of coaching,healthy nutrition and fitness traini

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has gain lots of interesting in the last decade or so. The current book explores EI in two diverse populations and whether it can be enhanced or not. The research was divided into three Phases. Phase 1 and 2 investigated mood states prior to performance and EI among a sam

The UEFA European Championship (Euro) is among the world`s most important sporting events staged nowadays. Apart from tremendous excitement among football fans, such a major event has a number of other implications, above all of economic nature.This study, as one of the few concerned with the Polish

The National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) and the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) organizations united 15 years ago to create a leadership and management development program for women in college athletics administration (HERS History, 2009). The groups

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'Evaluation of the NACWAA/HERS Institute for Administrative Advancement'

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Think Extensively About the Factors Responsible for Bone Health: BMD is influenced by multiple factors including nutrition, exposure to sunlight, ethnicity, physical activity and protein intake. Low weight, or low body mass index (BMI), is a well documented risk factor for future fracture, whereas