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Тренерское мастерство (теория и методика обучения)

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Настоящая книга может быть представлена как учебно-методическое пособие для специалистов, занимающихся подготовкой хоккеистов. Вместе с тем доступность формы изложения делает книгу интересной, в том числе для родителей юных хоккеистов. Рассмотренные автором проблемы дают возможность и тренерам, и ро

Автор: С. Е. Павлов,

This study collected data both quantitatively and qualitatively on athletes` perceptions of their current coaches and whether these perceptions influenced individual performance and team satisfaction. Conclusions and implications from both a theoretical and empirical perspective were discussed in an

Sports are played worldwide. A large number of people perform different sports activities in different capacities such as players, spectators, coaches and trainers etc. In order to perform all kinds of sports activities accordingly, and to show good performance, one needs to be well trained. Regardi

This book is aimed at following the process of educating the coaches in goal setting. Goal setting programme was designed keeping in mind the applicability in a team setting. The whole process of going through the steps in the programme and analyzing the programme`s applicability and the educational

A new method was recently proposed to estimate energy expenditure and metabolic power from acceleration and speed values. In the present investigation data were collected in training during the in-season period from 26 English Premier League outfield players using GPS technology. Distance covered at

This is the inside story of the rise and rise of the butcher’s son from Rome, whose hard work, passion for the game and ability to learn from his mistakes have earned him the respect of players, fans and owners worldwide. Between them, journalists Gabriele Marcotti and Alberto Polveros have known Сl

The paper is submitted in five separate chapters. Chapter I is consisting of theoretical foundation and historical perspective of training and resistance training. The myth and reality of resistance training among children have been discussed with enough literature support. Chapter II is comprised o

A rapid increase of athletic performance has considerably updated the need of a strict control over training loads. To meet competitive sport requirements, coaches increased the volume and intensity of sports training. However, the trend of this phenomenon has approached the limits of adaptability o