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Bobby "Slick" Leonard has etched his name forever on the Mount Rushmore of Indiana basketball, and in Boom, Baby! he shares memories from his storied career. Leonard takes readers inside the Indiana locker room with legendary head coach Branch McCracken and onto the court when he hit the deciding fr

Dr Jack Ramsay is well known to basketball fans around the country as a long time ESPN TV & Radio commentator, NBA coach (seventh all-time in wins) and as a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. This book will take fans on a 55-year journey as Jack recounts an endless array of basketball tales, leg

Five-Star Basketball, the long-time leader in basketball instruction, has teamed up with six of the greatest professional women players to bring young players everywhere a state-of-the-art drill book like no other. Each chapter of the book breaks down a different star players skills. Those skills ar

Екатерина Гамова - одна из величайших волейболисток в истории. В команду мастеров она попала в возрасте всего 14 лет, а вскоре уже дебютировала в сборной России. В активе Гамовой- победы на чемпионатах мира и Европы, а также две серебряные медали Олимпийских игр. Простое перечисление всех ее командн

Автор: Екатерина Гамова,

Fast-paced and adrenaline-filled, basketball is a high-powered sport that has won the hearts of fans all across America--yet it is particularly popular among teens. Giants of the game like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kobe Bryant have transcended the sport to become cultural icons whose jersey sal

Michael Jordan electrified the basketball world from the moment he burst onto the scene in the early 1980s. His grace under pressure, his seeming ability to defy gravity, his pure love of the game - all were unparalleled. When he retired, he left a gaping hole that many have tried to fill. And while

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Profusion of books is achievable on Basketball especially in men sector. Talent identification, selection, training and improvement (TISTI) programs are scanty in team sports especially in consideration of Indian female Basketball.This book aims to indicating, exploring & analyzing the anthropomet

Between 1915 and 1940 the amazing Edmonton Grads dominated womens basketball in Canada. Coached by J. Percy Page, they played over 400 official games, losing only 20; they travelled more than 125,000 miles in Canada, the United States, and Europe; and they crossed the Atlantic three times to defend

Based on the popular 101 Youth Netball Drills titles, this is a practical training manual for netball coaches, packed with drills, coaching tips and advice for building a netball club. This invaluable resource will help you plan effective training sessions, prepare teams for matches and guide you th

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'The Netball Practice Bible: Essential Drills, Session Plans and Coaching Advice'