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One of the most successful, fascinating and useful applications of mathematics has been in the study of motions of fluids (gases and liquids).The perfect or ideal fluids are characterized by the assumptions that for then the stress tensor is a linear function of the rate of strain tensor and the stress vector on a plane surface in contact with a fluid is normal to the surface. About seven decades ago phenomena were observed which could not be explained on the assumptions of this theory. When the assumptions of this theory were examined, it was considered feasible to relax the assumption of linearity between stress and rate of strain tensors. More general nonlinear relations between stress and rate of strain tensors were postulated. It immediately led to the development of theory of non-Newtonian fluids flows. #To extend the results of the flow and heat transfer behavior of Newtonian fluids to Non-Newtonian Reiner-Rivlin fluid. #To study the flow and heat transfer behaviour of Reiner-Rivlin fluid as it occur in industry under conditions, which arise there. The solution of each of the problems given in the book is an intellectual challenge.

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  • Ширина упаковки : 1 мм

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  • Количество страниц : 144 

  • Год выпуска : 2011 

  • Автор на обложке : Amit Singh and Dr. Kaviraj Singh 

  • ISBN : 9783844300406 

  • Язык издания : Английский 

  • Издательство : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing 

  • Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'STUDY OF SOME PROBLEMS OF NON-NEWTONIAN RENIER-RIVLIN FLUID'

    This book mainly deals with the dynamics of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian multiphase fluid flow inside the hellical coils, elbow, valve, straight pipe, orifice etc. Computational Fluid Dynamics was adopted as a tool to describe the flow phenomena and related incidents inside the geometry. The study was primarily concentrating on the hexagonal and tetrahedral grid generation followed by SIMPLE algorithm as a solver.

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    In this book, group methods are presented for finding the similarity solutions for some systems of partial differential equations, which govern the problems of convective flow in the boundary layer of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid. We will use three methods for finding the similarity representations (i) Scaling transformations, (ii) Infinitesimal Lie group analysis and (iii) Suitable similarity transformations. Lie groups, and hence their infinitesimal generators, can be naturally extended o

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    The study of visco-elastic fluid flows has gained significant attention in recent years due to its wide application in various branches of science and technology. The effects of magnetic field on the flow of an electrically conducting fluid play an important role because of its astrophysical, geophysical and engineering application. The flow through porous medium is quite prevalent in nature and has wide application in industrial, bio-physical and hydrological problem, particularly in petroleum,

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